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The Sun City Palais in Marsaskala opened its doors as a cinema in the mid-90s and quickly became one of the most popular meeting places of the area. The building was partially demolished in 2019 to make way for a speculative residential development.

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The SORĠI piece inspired by it celebrates the design of the original building, reminiscent of the golden era of Maltese Post-modernism. The geometrical composition of the main façade was in fact emblematic of a crucial moment in the development of contemporary architecture on the islands, a moment of reaction to austerity and formalism of previous eras - not only from an architectural point of view.

The bright colours and playful shapes on different levels were the main inspiration behind the design of ‘Cini’, which will be placed in a spot of the Magħluq Nature Reserve overlooking the site. Thanks to a formwork tracing the outline of ‘Sun City Palais’ main façade and to the sanded treatment of the resulting ‘etched-looking’ concrete surface, the bench acquires an illusory tridimensional quality, created by the colour scheme rather than actual sculptural elements.

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Basic cuboid shape;
Façade elements acting as relief
(no significant spatial depth);
Different colours of façade’s plaster


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‘Cini’ pays tribute to that late example of Mediterranean Post-modern enthusiasm that Sun City Palais represented, while contributing to the upgrading of a small but precious pocket of public space in an overlooked area.

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