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Lapsi View

‘Ta’ Rita Lapsi View’ was originally a small café catering for British servicemen in the 1930s. The current building is faithful to the restaurant built in the 1950s, when Għar Lapsi started attracting both local and international visitors.

Lapsi View_edited.jpg
Lapsi View_edited.jpg


Rita bench

The design of the piece inspired by ‘Ta’ Rita Lapsi View’ restaurant in Għar Lapsi recalls the modernist main façade of the original building in a subtle and contemporary way, thanks to the use of its iconic bright blue and a rigorous yet elegant composition of basic cuboid shapes and columns.

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Basic cuboid shape;
Column system of simplistic rhythm;
Iconic blue colours

Rita Bench
Rita Bench
Rita bench_edited.jpg


Rita Location

The bench will be placed in front (and as a future reminder of) the Modernist building that was not deemed worth of heritage protection in spite of having become a true icon of the modern movement in Malta.

In recent years, different proposals have been submitted and eventually withdrawn because of public outcry. ‘Rita’ was initially inspired by one of these controversial proposals, which was withdrawn and replaced by a new one, just as unfortunate, by the time the bench was ready.

In contrast with this ever-evolving situation, the calm and rigorous design of the building, and some parts of the interiors which have remained almost untouched, still define the spirit of the place with great intensity. Once all this will be gone, the SORĠI piece will take on the arduous role of evoking the unassuming and inimitable atmosphere of ‘Ta’ Rita Lapsi View’, while offering a seat overlooking the beautiful surrounding natural landscape.

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